Start: Mechernich Feyer Mühle

Finish: Euskirchen-Kreuzweingarten

Region: Nordeifel

Distance/length: 13 km/3-4 hours

Lowest/highest point: 205m/300m

Difficulty grade- easy

Because the signs are marked on both sides, the hiking trail can be used in both directions (to Cologne and to Nettersheim).


At the very start of this stage Hombusch (Mechernicher Wald) is well worth seeing.  On the one hand it is because of the variety of species in the forest and on the other the easily recognised change in the way the water pipeline was used. After the abandonment of the water pipeline at the end of the Roman Era in the Rheinland and up to the end of the Middle Ages, the construction found its use in supplying building materials. The stones were removed to be used in building various castles, convents and churches. It is fairly certain to say that the building bricks from the Roman canal could be found very often in these buildings in the Rheinland. In this area quarries can be seen very clearly, where the stones had been broken up.

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