Start: Euskirchen-Kreuzweingarten

Finish: Rheinbach

 Region: Rhein -Voreifel

Distance/length: 16 km/ 4-5hours

Lowest/highest point: 168m/273m

Difficulty grade- easy

Because the signs are marked on both sides, the hiking trail can be used in both directions (to Cologne and to Nettersheim).


The start of this stage is literally full of sights, due to the steep uphill climb right at the beginning.  Not only is there a fantastic view of the valley of the Feldsporn above Kreuzweingarten, but also a glance back into history. The surrounding ring wall here shows that this exposed area was already used as a settlement in the Iron Age. Continuing on to Hartburg, a short while later the landscape changes. The unobstructed views over the landscape stretch to the impressive ranges of hills in the distance.

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