Start: Rheinbach

Finish: Bornheim-Brenig

Region: Rhein- Voreifel

Distance/length: 22 km/ 6-7 hours

Lowest/highest point: 141m/181m

Difficulty grade- medium

Because the signs are marked on both sides, the hiking trail can be used in both directions (to Cologne and to Nettersheim).


Some parts of the Roman canal are set up in the town and are also included as many of the sights in Rheinbach. The canal used to run under the present Münstereifeler Straße and the Bahnhofstraße. It is well worth spending more time in the town, to discover many small treasures.  The region is also well-known for its fruit industry, especially apple trees that line the paths surrounding Rheinbach. Also apple plantations stretch along the Roman Canal Hiking trail- appealing to all senses especially in the spring and autumn. The hike goes through various villages before dipping into a thick woodland area and finally the Cologne outskirts are reached.

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