Start: Bornheim-Brenig

Finish: Brühl (water tower)

Region: Rheinland

Distance/length: 15 km/ 4-5 hours

Lowest/highest point: 111m/158m

Difficulty grade- easy

Because the signs are marked on both sides, the hiking trail can be used in both directions (to Cologne and to Nettersheim).


Short but sweet- that is how to describe this stage! At the beginning the hike is through gentle level meadows, and soon after through small villages with remarkable historical buildings. Then it continues again into a large wooded area with romantic small and larger lakes. It far from easy to imagine in the middle of this former mining area, that the cities of Bonn and Cologne are so near. The lake landscape is a beautiful example in showing how intervention by humans can be made barely noticeable today through land re-cultivation.  Oh and by the way: from the first lake on the edge of the path, the Berggeistsee (the Mountain Troll Lake), you can easily and quickly hike to the famous amusement park “Phantasialand”.

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