Start: Nature Centre Eifel, Nettersheim

Finish: Kall- Dottel

From Kall-Sötenich you can shorten your hike to Kall via the hiking trail nr.3 of the Eifelverein. From Kall- Keldenich you reach Kall via hiking trail nr 3 of the Eifelverein. At Kall railway station there is the train connection to Cologne or Trier.

Region: Nordeifel

Distance/length: 15 km/4-5 hours

Lowest/highest point: 405m/517m

Difficulty grade: easy

Because the signs are marked on both sides, the hiking trail can be used in both directions (to Cologne and to Nettersheim).

Everything began in Nettersheim- at least as far as the Roman canal and the hiking trail of the same name is concerned. Today you could describe the ancient Romans as connoisseurs, because they laid great value on ancient Cologne being supplied with water of the best quality. How else could it be explained that only for this purpose did they lay a nearly 100 kilometre pipeline from the North Eifel to the Rhine metropolis? Without doubt a great feat of engineering technology! And what is also so special: the hiking trail doesn’t only connect the exploration of the countless  constructions, but also the wonderful cultural landscape of the North Eifel to the Rhine. How full of adventure this can be is shown at the start with the nature reserve Urftaue, through which the Roman Canal Hiking Trail leads.

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